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Published:September 26th, 2018 17:55 EST

Is Bongo Cat God?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Move over Peter Criss, there`s a new drummer cat in town: the Bongo Cat, borne of an unassuming animated GIF where a marshmallowy kitten slaps a table in contentment, has pitter-pattered its way into the internet`s heart. Like any number of feline parasites before it, it`s mutated into strange new forms with time, infecting Twitter with a rare case of wholesomeness and plain old good vibrations.


New York`s Brian Feldman celebrated the birth of the Bongo Cat by tracing its path to online superstardom. The source of all this good cheer is a simple, two-frame cartoon animation by artist @StrayRogue, posted all the way back in early May."

AV News

Bongo Cat is a minimalist masterpiece, videos and gifs of this crudely drawn kitty playing the bongo drums are all over the Internet. It`s no surprise that a cat has accomplished what Kim Kardashian`s fat butt failed to do, namely break the Internet.

If a bong-playing hippy moved next door to me, I would pay a crackhead $10 to beat his head like a drum. But who the hell doesn`t love Bongo Cat, that`s a rhetorical question, he`s the most beloved feline in the history of the Internet.

How can Bongo Cat not be an Internet sensation? Cats are adorable, and drums are cool!

There`s not that many wholesome things on the Internet, and Bongo Cat is wholesome as fuc*! Very few of my essays can be described as "wholesome," allow me to make amends by posting this video of Bongo Cat.

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