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Published:March 24th, 2019 10:16 EST

Kid Rock and Donald Trump: Dumb and Dumber

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Kid Rock`s gleeful pose with Donald Trump on the links at Mar-a-Lago didn`t go over very well on Twitter.

Fans mocked Rock`s goofy flag pants and his choice of golf partners. Some wondered what Trump was doing playing golf Saturday in the middle of his declared "national emergency" at the southern border. Others were perplexed that Trump has a conniption fit when football players take a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice, but apparently found those pants perfectly okay."


Huffington Post

A true patriot doesn`t wear patriotism on his sleeve, he won`t install a 20-foot flagpole on his front yard and he won`t festoon his vehicle with patriotic bumper stickers.

He will demonstrate his patriotism and love for his country by paying his taxes, voting on a regular basis, giving generously to charities and welcoming immigrants to the land of opportunity for all.

Then there are the yahoos like Donald Trump and Kid Rock who make a Hollywood production out of their expressions of patriotism. Trump has a penchant for dry-humping Americans flags on stage, and Kid Rock routinely wears attire featuring the American flag and the Confederate flag. A genuine patriot would never honor the Confederate flag, but that fodder for another article.

It`s par for the course for golfers to wear goofy pants, but Kid Rock`s American flag pants are an affront to fashion sensibilities and an insult to our democracy.

In the 1990`s Kid Rock achieved success as a rapper and in the 2000`s as a rock star, but recently the hits have been few and far between. Today Kid Rock is trying to achieve legitimacy primarily as a country artist, and he believes that by palling around with Trump and waving the American flag he will be accepted by fans of Country music.

I doubt that Kid Rock will achieve the same kind of success as a country artist, that he enjoyed as a rapper and rocker, but I do know that his clownish antics of late have made him an embarrassment to fans of all genres of music.

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